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Realization of a shape that solves on-site problems with one specification for one part and amazing accuracy of dimensions

Magazine sticks are frequently used in a wide range of applications, not only for protection and transportation of electronic parts, but also for transporting / automatic mounting jigs of metal / resin parts. Optimal design by one specification for one part streamlines parts storage and control, contributing to smooth production and cost reduction. Heat-resistant / durable polycarbonate resin allows repeated use, contributing to the problem of waste plastic that has become a problem these days.


Amazing accuracy of dimensions

Instead of thinking that it is okay if the error is within the tolerance, we are pursuing amazing accuracy of dimensions that minimizes dimensional variations. We realize from small products of 1 mm square to large products of 120 mm square with high accuracy, and minimize the difference between the prototype and mass-produced product. This backs up stable line operation and prevents the problem of parts clogging.


All products in own design

In order to make the specifications optimal for your production line, we are particular about in-house design by one specification for one part.Since our sales staff is also in charge of design of the magazine sticks, the needs and issues identified through interviews are immediately reflected. We will pursue specifications that completely meet the needs from the customer’s point of view, so you can leave them to us with confidence.


Reuse support

Since our products offer excellent heat resistance and impact resistance, they do not easily deform or warp, and you can use them for a long period of time, leading to reductions in waste plastic and costs.


Available in small quantities Flexible design

You can also order small lots, such as 100 or less. We also flexibly respond to specifications and delivery dates according to your needs.

Support for mounting, packaging, and transportation

Used on identical mounters for automatic mounting

By setting on a stick feeder or dedicated mounting machine, fixed-point supply of parts becomes possible.This streamlines the mounting operation and realizes time saving.

Used as a carrying case between locations

This product is used as a protective material when transporting products or moving to the next process. In addition, by aligning the parts and packing them in the stick, mounting can be done smoothly even when mounting by hand and erroneous mounting due to reverse insertion is prevented as well.

For carrying precision parts

Noncontact protection is possible for critical parts, such as terminals and lenses. It is also suitable for transportation of light receiving element parts and optical lenses.

Use in parts assembly

As an assembly jig that enables parts alignment and fixed-point pickup, this product is widely used in the automobile industry as well. It is useful for automation of parts assembly and prevention of erroneous mounting within a process.

For reuse

This product adopts highly durable polycarbonate resin. It can be used repeatedly in all processes of transportation, mounting, in-process, and baking, which contribute to environmental efforts and cost reduction.

For visual inspection

Taking advantage of transparency and the feature that allows aligned storing in one direction, this product can also be used as a jig for visual inspections or image inspections.

Realization to improved production efficiency! Four Advantages

Improved work efficiency with fixed point collecting

Parts can be taken out at a fixed point, resulting in efficient mounting operation. This also contributes to avoidance of erroneous chucking of parts and simplification of programming.

Downsize production facilities

The product can be stacked, realizing space saving of equipment.A new space can be created in your factory.

Improved parts housing efficiency

Efficient storage is possible because a large number of products can be stored compactly compared to a tray with partitions. This reduces the number of truck flights for transportation and realizes cost-cutting and CO2 reduction.

Parts protection

Since this product covers the entire parts, no load is applied even when stacked and the stoppers on both sides prevent parts from spilling.

Magazine sticks overwhelmingly save space!


Watch the product movie for details.<FUJI-Magazine-stick>


SP Coating
(Conductive Coating)

Conductive Coating Magazine-stick

Anti-static type best suitable for repeated use with high heat resistance and stable surface resistance

This product is an antistatic type magazine stick, which is coated with our original conductive coating agent to compensate for the weak point of conventional surfactant-based antistatic agents.

It is most suitable when you want to prevent electrostatic breakdown of electronic parts or dust from adhering to precision parts, such as camera lenses. It is resistant to heat and dryness, and its effect lasts even in environments under high temperatures, such as summer or overseas transportation.

Excellent Heat Resistance and Transparency

Compared to products with surfactant-based antistatic treatments, this product is resistant to heat (about 120°C) and features transparency for parts visibility.


A coating containing fine metal powder is applied to the PC resin to achieve a high level of surface resistance.

Semi-permanent Anti-static Effectiveness

Compared to conventional products, there is less deterioration in function and the effect will be maintained semi-permanently when unused.

Characteristic Comparative Chart of Resin


Tensile Strength
60~100 2~40 110 2~80 10~30
Bending Strength
950 700~1100 700~830 300~750 620~860
Impact Strength
51~69 1.7~8.6 1.4~3.8 6~10 6~30
Heat deflection temperature
110~120℃ 55~65℃ 64~76℃ 70~80 75~85

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