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Optimal solutions through cutting-edge technology and knowledge

The "F-Lab." is where we analyze, research and develop products together with our customers in search of the optimal solution to their problems.
While exchanging opinions and ideas, we test products’ performance in front of clients’ eyes and create samples that meet their requirements.
Products are developed in a timely and accurate fashion in an environment where ideal products can be created on the spot.

Environmental test room

This is where we verify the proper functioning of circuit boards to which coating agents and adhesives have been applied and where we replicate defects.
By applying stress at various temperatures and humidity conditions, we verify that the boards operate at the expected maximum and minimum temperatures and test their durability.

Environmental test room

Salt spray test room

This is where we evaluate the resistance to corrosion and the anticorrosion properties of circuit boards protected with coating agents.
In addition to salt spray testing in accordance to JIS standards, we can test products under a wide range of conditions by adjusting salt water concentration.

Salt spray test room

Application room

This is where we apply coating agents and adhesives using specialized devices. After the agents have been applied, it is possible to verify whether the products or samples can actually be used without problems.
Our technicians will explain the optimal coating methods while applying the coatings on the spot.

Application room

Curing room

This facility is equipped with a UV curing equipment (irradiator) that allows to cure UV coating agents in a short time (5 to 10 seconds).
Besides assessing the length of curing times, we can also conduct durability tests on the spot immediately after the products have been cured.

Curing room

Meeting room

This is where we interact with clients, listen to their requests, and exchange opinions.
Being adjacent to the coating chamber and the curing chamber, the progress of testing can be observed through glass windows.
We provide an environment where improvements and prototypes can be implemented immediately so as to support efficient product development.

Meeting room


Proposals based on collected data

In order to propose optimal products that meet the most diverse needs, it is essential to acquire and analyze a wide array of data.
To this purpose, we carry out reliability testing on a daily basis using the F-Lab equipment to collect data on durability, corrosion resistance and anti-corrosive properties under various conditions.
Assessing conditions beforehand allows us to provide the information clients require when considering introducing a certain product without having them wait, as well as to make accurate proposals based on evidence.

Work scenery 1 Work scenery 2


Pursuing optimal solutions and creating products ahead of their times

Our strength lies in our Research & Development capabilities that allow us to meet even niche demands.
Leveraging our experience and knowledge in handling a wide range of resinous materials and products, we conduct research to create the products that our clients demand.
For requests like improving oil resistance and corrosion resistance, we first formulate testing criteria for each client before starting developing products.
We approach the production process from various angles, repeatedly creating and testing samples and searching for the optimal coating methods.
In recent years, we have taken on the challenge of creating products with environmental and/or quick-drying properties and we are able to commercialize them in a very short time.

Work scenery 3 Work scenery 4


"Synergy with clients" allows us to exceed expectations

When requests cannot be met by existing products or when we receive requests for products that have not yet been developed anywhere, our proposed solution is "co-creation."
We invite clients to the F-Lab to deepen mutual understanding and go over issues together.
We strive for the desired performance by repeatedly creating prototypes and testing them in front of clients.
Even the UV and moisture-proof coating materials which are currently our main products, were originally created in response to requests from clients.
Going forward, we intend to keep creating superior products that cannot be created by knowledge and chemical theory alone, through the mutually-enriching “synergy with our clients.”

Work scenery 5 Work scenery 6






For our company that continues to be involved with various print board peripheral themes of various equipment such as home appliances, air conditioning/communication equipment, automation equipment and control equipment of factories, as well as societal infrastructure equipment (transportation) such as cars and trains, the evaluation techniques needed for the confirmation of reliability is an important asset.

《Basic data measurement system and various analysis devices》


Super insulation resistance meterSuper insulation resistance meter



Pulling testing equipmentPulling testing equipment

Analytical scaleAnalytical scale

《Long-term reliability evaluation system》

Thermostat chamberThermostat chamber

Thermal shock chamberThermal shock chamber

Ion migration evaluation systemIon migration evaluation system

Salt Spray Test InstrumentSalt Spray Test Instrument

《Applicability evaluation system suitable for the customer's site》

Screen PrinterScreen Printer

Conformal Coating SystemsConformal Coating Systems

UV curing equipmentUV curing equipment

Compact type reflowCompact type reflow


UV Conformal Coating

Insulating Moistureproof Coating

Magazine Stick

Water Based Insulating Moisturproof Coating

Joint Tape

Thermosetting Epoxy Adhesives