Thermosetting epoxy adhesives


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Adhesive for chip devices Self-alignment adhesive One-component epoxy adhesive Underfill for BGA/CSP Water based cleaner
for adhesive ”RED Cleaner”

Adhesive for chip devices

This product is one component adhesive for electronic chips and modules with preservation stability.
It cures in one to two minutes at temperatures of 90°C to 150°C required for SMD mounting.
It is adaptable for fine application regardless of high-speed dispenser or printing.


Fine Application

This material has been widely adopted for 0402 inch size of chip capacitor and resistor.
It has been also used for 0603 inch size of chip capacitor and resistor, and the number of inquiries is increasing.


Fast Curing

All products can cure within 60–90 seconds.


This product has excellent heat resistance and exhibits high adhesive strength in various applications.
Its stable shape makes it easy to control the application range.

High Heat-resistant Adhesiveness

This product has excellent heat resistance and maintains high adhesiveness.

Stable Application Shape

The thixotropy keeps the application shape with an appropriate raise height.

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Item NE7300H NE7200H NE7250H NE3300H NE3000S NE8800K NE8800T
High-speed dispenser
Screen printing Thick mask
Screen printing Thick mask High-speed dispenser
Specific gravity 1.35 1.25 1.44 1.23 1.38 1.3 1.33
320 300 330 310 390 300 310
Thixotropy index 7.1 7 5 6.1 5 6.8 6.3
Glass transition
43 116 118 122 131 84 87
Curing condition 100℃/60 sec
90℃/90 sec
140℃/60 sec
120℃/90 sec
120℃/60 sec
110℃/120 sec
140℃/60 sec
130℃/90 sec
150℃/60 sec
130℃/90 sec
150℃/60 sec
140℃/90 sec
150℃/60 sec
130℃/90 sec
Shelf life
8 mths. 9 mths. 7 mths. 9 mths. 6 mths. 6 mths. 6 mths.

Self-alignment adhesives

NE9000H is a one-component high-temperature curing epoxy adhesive for
double-sided reflow and suppresses falling, misalignment, and floating of component.
It does not inhibit the self-alignment phenomenon of solder paste and realizes high-precision mounting.


High-precision Mounting (±50 µm)

This is a material that can be used for high-precision mounting of ±50 µm required for LED headlights, and prevents the misalignment of LED chips.


Simultaneous reflow curing

Allows solder paste self-alignment at reflow.
This material cures under the SAC reflow condition and starts curing at a temperature close to the solder melting temperature.
Therefore, it does not inhibit the self-alignment property of solder.


Suppresses falling, shifting, or floating during double-sided reflow.
Application in a raised shape with height is possible, and the application stability is excellent.

Improved Mounting Accuracy

Suppresses falling, misalignment,
and the floating of component during double-sided reflow, enabling high-precision mounting.

Stable Application Shape

Good adhesion due to maintenance of a raised shape with height during application by a dispenser.

Item NE9000H
Usefulness Adhesive for reflow curing
Appearance Red liquid
Specific gravity 1.23
Viscosity(Pa・s)25℃ 320Pa・s
Thixotropy index 7.0
Curing condition SAC reflow(220℃/30sec or more)
Storage condition 2〜10℃
Shelf life
9 mths.

One-component epoxy adhesives

This is a one-component heat curing epoxy adhesive that meets the needs
for low-temperature and short-time curing.
It is best suitable fixing LED backlight lenses, assembling VCM actuators,
and adhering resins (ABS, acrylic, etc.) with a heat resistance of 100°C or less.
The LTG800 is also suitable for joining resins, sealing, and adhering glasses.


60℃ curing

Sufficient adhesive strength can be obtained even at a low temperature of 60°C.
It can be used not only for fixing LED lenses and VCM actuators but also for adhering and sealing applications to substrates with heat resistance problems and sealing applications.


Bleed less

In customer evaluation, it was confirmed that occurrence of bleeding can be suppressed by 75% or more compared to conventional products.


Cures at low temperature and in a short time,
and exhibits sufficient adhesiveness and heat resistance after curing.
Application in a raised shape with height is possible and the application stability is excellent.

Stable Application Shape

Even with a dispenser, there is no dripping or stringing, and a stable application shape is maintained.

Production Cost Reduction

Low temperature curing allows production cost reductions during heating.

No Blending or
Weighing Required

Weighing or blending of the main agent and curing agent is not required, and stable quality can be always obtained.

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Item LTG830 LTG800 LTG800W
Usefulness For VCM actuators For LED backlight For LED backlight
Appearance Clear liquid Black liquid White liquid
Specific gravity 1.20 1.48 1.49
Viscosity(Pa・s) 25℃ 3.8 100 80
Thixotropy index 1.0 6.0 7.1
Curing condition 60℃/60min. 60℃/30min.
Storage condition -20℃ -20℃ -20℃
Shelf life 6 mths. 6 mths. 6 mths.

Underfill for BGA/CSP

This product permeates without gaps to reinforce solder joints.
It can be reused by heating and contributes to cost reductions as well.


High Permeability

The low-viscosity grades permeate easily and quickly between BGA or CSP and the substrate.


Excellent Repairability

Excellent repairability allows reuse of expensive IC chips and electronic substrates without discarding them.


Effective measures can be implemented against external stresses of heat and impact,
which are the weak points of IC chips that are becoming smaller and more integrated.

Easy Application due to Permeation

When filled between the part and substrate, this product can be quickly permeated and applied by capillarity.

Cost Reduction by Reuse

Since this product can be removed after softening by heating, expensive parts and substrates can be reused.

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Item UF317H UF330H FJ-1185※ FJ-1100※
Feature Can be repaired
Good permeability
Can be repaired
Refrigerated Item
High permeability
High Tg
Can be repaired
High Tg
Appearance Black liquid
Viscosity(mPa・s) 23℃ 1,600 3,300 800 400
Curing condition 120℃/10min. 120℃/10min. 150℃/30min. 130℃/8min.
Filler diameter(μm) Avg/Max
Not included
Shelf life ≦10℃ 
8 mths.
8 mths.
6 mths.
6 mths.
Tg TMA 53℃ 72℃ 160℃ 121℃
DMA 91℃ 104℃ 164℃ 143℃
CTE >Tg 41ppm 89ppm 66ppm 56ppm
<Tg 187ppm 214ppm 170ppm 176ppm
Tensile elasticity 25℃ 3.1GPa 1.3GPa 2.9GPa 2.7GPa
200℃ 37MPa 36MPa 100MPa 20MPa

※FJ-※※ is the development part number. Please note that the product number will change during mass production.

Water based cleaner for adhesive

This is a cleaning agent dedicated for epoxy-based chip adhesives and is suitable for cleaning of dispenser nozzles and printing plates.
A safe water-soluble solvent that is friendly to the environment and the human body is used, and the agent exhibits high detergency.


High Detergency

Epoxy adhesives do not dissolve in conventional solvents, such as alcohol-based solvents, and have a problem with difficulty in cleaning.
However, RED Cleaner is a cleaning agent dedicated for epoxy adhesives and exhibits a high cleaning ability for dispenser nozzles and printing masks (metal and plastic).


Non-Hazardous material

Since RED Cleaner is a water-based solvent, it is nonflammable and highly safe, does not use air pollutants or ozone-depleting substances, and is a product that is also considerate of the natural environment.


This product offers high solubility in epoxy resins with excellent detergency.
Since it is a water-soluble solvent that is friendly to the environment and workers, it is nonflammable and improves safety.

Uses Water-soluble Solvent

A water-soluble solvent that dissolves epoxy resin efficiently is adopted.

Friendly to
Environment and Human Body

Since this product does not use VOC compounds or carcinogens to reduce hazards to workers, it can be used safely.

Item Characteristic value
Water content(wt%) 30~35
Appearance Transparent
Density(g/mL ,~22℃) 1.06
pH 5.6
Odor Sweet
Shelf life 1 Year
Packaging form Plastic bottle for 1KG
Plastic container for 20KG


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