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Improving the man-hour cost,
the environment and the human health

A moisture-proof, insulating coating agent that protects boards from moisture, condensation, oil, dust and more. UV irradiation can reduce the time it takes for the coating film to form to about 5 to 10 seconds, dramatically improving productivity. Being solvent-free and VOC-free, it is an environmentally preferred coting agent and reduces the burden on workers handling it.


It improves productivity

With this product, the time required for curing by UV irradiation is significantly reduced. While the curing time of general solvent-based coating agent is 24 hours, our prodcts cure dramatically faster. Our products also cure with moisture, which property helps even shaded areas to provide moisture-barrier characteristics.


It’s VOC-free

This environment-friendly and worker-friendly coating agent does not contain the volatile substance VOC. It is ideal for companies committed to expanding globally as it does not fall under the category of dangerous goods under the International Transport Law and can be transported as general cargo in a variety of ways. It also contributes to reducing transportation costs.


It saves energy

As UV curing requires less time than heat curing, you can save energy too. And since this material can also be cured with LED light, it also reduces running costs and makes it easier to achieve the SDGs designed to reduce impact on the global environment.

automobiles to aircraft

It’s compatible with all types of PWBs

all types of PWBs

This coating agent can be applied to PWBs used for a wide range of applications,
from automobiles to aircraft, home appliances and communication equipment.

home appliances and communication equipment


In addition to its ability to protect PWBs that are the heart of electronic devices,
it also possesses many properties that help improve the working environment and raise production efficiency.

Protects PWBs from moisture

Boasting high moisture resistance, it protects PWBs from moisture and condensation that can cause malfunctioning.

Hardens in a short time

Since it is cured by UV irradiation in about 5-10 seconds, it dramatically reduces production times.

Combination of UV and moisture curing

Since it cures even without UV irradiation, it exhibits high moisture resistance even in shaded areas.


Solvent-free, VOC-free, environmentally and worker-friendly.

Oil and gas resistance

Even a thin film has excellent oil resistance properties and prevents corrosion due to sulfide gases.

Can be used for a wide range of applications.

It can be used for many purposes, including for potting, sealing and gluing.

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Part number 602MCF 602MCF-1000 602MCF-10k 602MCF-TX 604MCF-1000 614MCF
Appearance Transparent
Resin Urethane acrylate
Fluorescent brightener added
(mPa・s) 25℃
100 1,000 10,000 100,000 TI:5.0 1,000 100
Solid content (%) > 99.9 > 99.9 > 99.9 > 99.9 > 99.5 > 99.5
Reference thick film (µm) 50 100 300 1,000 100 50
Curing conditions at the above film thickness
Lamp type:Metal Halide Lamps※
> 2,000mJ/cm² > 2,000mJ/cm² > 3,000mJ/cm² > 4,000mJ/cm² > 1,500mJ/cm² > 1,000mJ/cm²
Curing conditions at the above film thickness
Lamp type:LED365※
> 7,500mJ/cm² > 7,500mJ/cm² > 10,000mJ/cm² > 10,000mJ/cm² > 5,000mJ/cm² > 7,500mJ/cm²
Shelf life
9 mths. 9 mths. 9 mths. 9 mths. 12 mths. 12 mths.

※The measurement of UV dose, uses UIT-250 made by USHIO. Main wavelength:365nm

Information of equipment

We can also recommend the best equipment to maximize the performance of our coating agents.

On the strength of the knowledge and know-how collected in the course of developing products and assessing their performance, we can also assist with installation and use.

Handy type

Handy type

Standalone conveyor

Standalone conveyor

LED batch irradiator

LED batch irradiator

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Introduction of Seal-glo UV Conformal coating

Introduction of Seal-glo UV Conformal coating


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