Water Based Intsukating Moistureproof Coating



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Completely solvent-less agent
with excellent moisture-proof and
dustproof properties and environmental friendliness

This is an environmentally friendly moisture-proof insulation coating agent that uses water as a solvating media instead of a solvent.
It exhibits adhesion and performance comparable to solvent-based coating agents,
and protects against the moisture, condensation, oil, dust, and mold that may cause corrosion and disconnection of substrates.
It is VOC-free, environmentally friendly, and human friendly, and there are no regulations on storage or transportation.


Non-hazardous material

Since water is used as a solvent, this product is gentle to the human body, environmentally friendly, classified as a nonhazardous substance, and easy to handle, store, and control.



Since Seal-glo®550AWF uses water as a solvent, it is a human-friendly, environmentally friendly, and solvent-free (VOC-free) product that does not violate the GB standard of the Chinese VOC regulation.


Alternative to Screw Lock

This product can also be used as an alternative to conventional solvent-containing products in screw loosening prevention applications, and there is no concern about chemical attack on resin screws.
It retains the same torque strength as conventional products, can be used for both fastening screws and adjusting screws, and is most suitable for M1 and M2 machine screws.


Compatible with from Electronic Substrates to Screw Lock

This product can be widely used from coating applications
for electronic substrates to loosening prevention applications for screws used for product housings.

Supports everything from electronic boards to screw locks


Gentle to the environment and workers, easy to handle, and VOC-free.
With functionality comparable to solvent-based products, this product protects substrates under a variety of environments.

Resistant to Thermal Shock

Forms a highly flexible film that can withstand thermal shock.

Excellent Moisture-proof /
Gas Resistance Properties

Exhibits high adhesion and moisture-proof / gas resistance properties that can withstand various environments.

Excellent Salt Damage Prevention Property

The excellent salt damage prevention property comparable to solvent-based coating agents protects substrates from problems.

Quick Film Formation

Quick film formation by drying at normal temperature contributes to increased production efficiency.


Solvent-free and VOC-free with consideration for the environment and workers.

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Item 550AWF FJ-1199
Main components Acrylic resin
Nonvolatile content 43% 43%
Appearance Milky liquid (Fluorescent) Black liquid
Viscosity(mPa・s) 60 60
Dry to touch(Room temperature) 15〜20min. 15〜20min.
Completely dry(Room temperature) 24hrs. 24hrs.
Shelf life
@Under 30℃
9 mths. 9 mths.
Feature VOC-Free Black product of 550AWF

※FJ-※※ is the development part number. Please note that the product number will change during mass production.

Information on related equipment

We also accept consultations on equipment for substrate coating agents.

In order to maximize the performance of our coating agents,
we also introduce equipment to our customers.
With the knowledge and know-how accumulated through product developments and performance verifications, we can also provide supports for installation and use.

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