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01Sales Division Chemicals group
Joined in 2014
Kesuke Kuwamura

Being entrusted with the development of overseas markets and increasing one’s self confidence

I joined Fuji Chemical Industrial because I was attracted to the idea of aggressively expanding overseas. I thought it would be an ideal workplace for someone like me who was seeking a job where I could make use of my experience of studying and traveling abroad as a backpacker. After joining the company, the first thing I did was frantically studying about products and customers. And when I was finally entrusted with sales in the Philippines and Indonesia, I was determined to be successful at it. Going to the local sites multiple times to research demand and markets, gaining the trust of local distributors in a little over a year and steadily contributing to increasing sales dramatically boosted my self-confidence.

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Focusing on solving problems rather than selling products

The products handled by the chemical group to which we belong include coating agents and adhesives for electronic boards, splicing tapes and more. While I am in charge of sales to manufacturers of home appliances, housing and industrial equipment both in Japan and overseas, when dealing with customers my response is more focused on solving problems than selling products. For example, when talking to customers looking for a coating agent, you sometimes discover that their problem could actually be solved with an adhesive. instead. Our company’s strength lies in our earnest attitude to identify clients’ real needs as well as in the accumulation of know-how that allows us to present the best out of many options. With this firm understanding, I am determined to give my contribution to gaining the trust of clients and increasing sales.

02Sales Divion Plastic group
Joined in 2011
Katsuya Tomura

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Experiencing joy when your ideasare useful to your customers

The "magazine sticks" used for transporting, assembling and mounting electronic and automobile parts are products whose shapes and sizes widely differ depending on their use. Our sales staff will thoroughly listen to the customer on a case-by-case basis, design them so they’ll have the best shape and accuracy in consultation with the subcontractor’s production plant and create drawings with CAD software on which to base their proposals. The process of building them from scratch is a painstaking but rewarding one. When a product that incorporates my ideas is used to produce home appliances and automobiles that everyone knows, or when a customer tells me:"I hadn't thought of that, that was a great help," that’s when I experience joy.

Experiencing joy when your ideasare useful to your customers

What I believe to be our real strength is the world-class accuracy and quality we can achieve in collaboration with our subcontractors’ production facilities. The technical ability to realize highly accurate and complicated shapes, which other companies find it hard to match, enables us to receive development/study requests from well-known large companies. In order to maximize accuracy to the highest possible level, it is very important to prevent malfunctioning and interruptions at production line level. Because our products are world-class in accuracy and quality, we can proudly propose them to our customers. This is by far the sales staff’s greatest asset. We will continue to do our utmost to make proposals that prompt our customers to say: "it couldn’t have been done without Fuji Chemical Industrial."

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03Product Technology Division
joines in 2018
Tatsuya Nakagawa

Gaining experience along the way to become a trsusted engineer

I applied with Fuji Chemical Industrial hoping for a sales position, but I was assigned to the Product Engineering Department because of my experience dealing with chemical materials and UV curing as a dental technician. However, since I didn’t have a specialized knowledge of chemistry, I had a lot of study to do when I first joined the company. Having acquired knowledge and skills under the guidance of senior colleagues, I am currently involved in a wide range of tasks, from developing adhesives and coating agents, to testing them at our F-Lab. One of the characteristics of our company is that the technical staff also proactively meets with customers and works with them on developing products. I find it very rewarding to listen directly to their requests and opinions and try to develop the best products possible.

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Even after developing products, we continue to fine-tune themin response to requests

The same level of care in "making good things" at the development stage is required when collecting various data in advance. And since collecting data after receiving an inquiry will lengthen the customer’s waiting time, it is also important to be always ready to respond accurately to the most diverse needs. Also, our work does not end when a product is sold. When problems or new needs arise after a product is used in the field, we will listen carefully to the customer and if possible we will try to solve the problems by actually watching the machine in operation. Day after day, I realize that our sincere efforts to pursue customer satisfaction is what makes us unique and allows us to earn the trust of clients.

04Bussines Division
joined in 2018
Mika Okawa

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It’s rewarding to be able to play an active rolebeyond simply "supporting"

I wanted to work for Fuji Chemical Industrial since I thought it would allow me to make the most of my sales office experience. What surprised me when I actually got to work here, was the scope of the assignments. I was greatly impressed watching senior colleagues actively involved in important tasks, like working with sales and technical staff to adjust delivery dates and negotiate purchase unit prices. I am currently in charge of ordering, invoicing, purchasing and more, but my goal is to acquire knowledge and ability to respond efficiently across departmental lines without thinking "my job is only up to this point". I will do my best for our customers, and in doing that, I want to keep growing even more.

An attractive environment where you can giveequal importance to work and family

One of the great attractions of our company is the limited amount of overtime and the ability to give equal importance to work and private life. There are many female senior colleagues, including in other departments, and it is very encouraging to work in an environment where you can receive advice and support on work, childbirth and child-rearing. I feel fortunate to be able to take maternity leave and childcare leave for a year and a half and return seamlessly to work afterwards. I'm very happy to be able to work in an atmosphere where you naturally think "I want to work harder and be of help to both the customer and the company." I think it's a very good company for those who want to play an active role as well as adequately balance their life and work.

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Sales Divison Chemicals groupSales Division Chemicals group
Joined in 2014
Kesuke Kuwamura

Sales Divison Plastic groupSales Divion Plastic group
Joined in 2011
Katsuya Tomura

Product Technology DivisionProduct Technology Division
Joined in 2018
Tatsuya Nakagawa

Bussines DivisionBussines Division
Joined in 2018
Mika Okawa


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