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Dries at normal temperature to protect substrates
from moisture and dirt

This is a moisture-proof insulation coating agent that exhibits moisture-proof property and electrical properties despite being a thin film. It can cure without affected by the unevenness of densely mounted electric components. Please use it for conformal coating of substrates and moisture-proof insulation sealing for electric components.


Excels in moisture resistance.

By covering the surface of printed circuit boards and electric components with a film with excellent moisture-proof property, Our coating products protect protects them from moisture, condensation, and similar elements. In addition, it also prevents foreign substances of gas, oil, detergents, mold, and dust from adhering and contributes to the suppression of malfunctions and disconnections of electric devices.



Adopting a resin with excellent insulation, protects the printed circuit boards and electric components, which are the heart of electroc devices, from static electricity. It has excellent track records of adoption in a wide range of fields, such as automobiles and industrial equipment, where safety is considered important.


Wide lineup

We have a wide lineup of rubber-, urethane-, and polyester-based products and propose the products according to your applications and needs.


Compatible with Electronic Substrates in All Fields

used in a wide range of fields

Our coating products are compatible with all electronic substrates used in a wide range of fields, such as automobiles, aircraft, home appliances, and communication devices.

home appliances, and communication devices


In addition to the high functionality to protect the printed circuit boards, which are the heart of electronic devices,
this is a product that triggered the founding of the company and has a history of more than 60 years, similar to the company history.

High gas barrier characteristics

It offers excellent corrosion resistance to hydrogen sulfide gas and protects the substrates from corrosion and disconnection.


Born with Fuji Chemical Industrial, it will continue to be one of our main products in the next decades.

Passed Rigorous Tests

Various reliability tests are performed to ensure the maintenance of stable insulation properties.

Price Impact

The reason why this product has been highly evaluated in the market for many years is that it has provided customers not only with quality but also with assured cost benefits.

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Part number 630RF 630RB 630RB-HA 630RB-H 435KF 620UAF
Main constituents Synthetic rubber Polyester Urethane
Solid Content 20% 20% 20% 25% 30% 37%
Appearance Lemon Yellow blue Transparent Brown
120 120 300 400 170 60
Tack free(Room temperature) 5〜10min. 5〜10min. 5〜10min. 5〜10min. 15min. 20~30min.
Complete drying(Room temperature) 20hrs. 20hrs. 30hrs. 20hrs. 24hrs. 24hrs.
Shelf life 24 mths. 24 mths. 24 mths. 24 mths. 24 mths. 9 mths.
Characteristics Standard grade
Registered product as UL94V-0
Blue color grade of 630RF A product regulated drying time of 630RB Hight viscosity grade of 630RB
Registered product as UL94V-0
Oil resistance and High gas barrier grade
Registered product as UL94V-0
Low odor solvent
Registered product as UL94V-0

Information of Eqipment

We also accept consultations on equipment for substrate coating agents.

In order to maximize the performance of our coating agents, we also introduce equipment to our customers. With the knowledge and know-how accumulated through product developments and performance verifications, we can also provide supports for installation and use.

Manufactured by Nordson EFD
Desktop JET Coating Systems

Manufactured by Nordson EFD Desktop JET Coating Systems

Manufactured by Nordson
Conformal Coating Systems

Manufactured by Nordson Conformal Coating Systems

Manufactured by SAN-EI TECH
Desktop Coating Systems

Manufactured by SAN-EI TECH Desktop Coating Systems


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